Line Grazer is for wall washing applications


Line Grazer® is a linear lighting wall washer with a robust aluminium housing and a UV resistant glass cover. The product suits perfectly for highlighting outdoor and indoor applications offering powerful and efficient wall washing effects and providing a high environmental protection grade (IP66) as well as impact resistance (IK09). Line Grazer® is available in a range of monochromatic or color changing temperatures, controlled via DMX. Also a wide range of beam angles and mounting options are available. Line Grazer comes with 5 different optics: (9°, 28°, 45°,10°x 50°, Asym.)

LG.30A, LG.30B, LG.60A, LG.60B, LG.90A, LG.90B, LG.120A, LG.120B




Ceiling Surface, Floor, In-Ground Recessed, Wall Surface

Suggested Application

Commercial, Architectural